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Woven Indigo Nylon Satin Shoulder Bag Plain

Woven Indigo Nylon Satin Shoulder Bag Plain

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A small bag inspired by a festival wear look.
Indigo cotton yarn is used for the warp, and black nylon yarn is used for the weft to create a satin weave. Nylon has a lightweight smooth texture, and the satin weave gives the nylon a moderately soft feeling without creating too much stiffness. It comes in two colors: one with a bold and large motif of stylish komon patterns and the other with plain indigo.
This bag is conveniently sized to fit a cell phone, bandana, and other everyday items. There are outside pockets on both sides, and this is a compact but easy-to-use bag. The length of the shoulder strap is adjustable, so it can be arranged to match your outfit.

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