What does A-Priori mean?
A-Priori is a Latin word from the 16th century meaning 'what comes first.’ Commonly used in deductive reasoning, it is a theory based on belief rather than observable facts.

To us it means “you just know.” Like an older sibling, we are sharing this knowledge with a new generation. Providing them with the tools and guidance to explore the ‘unknown.’

We take our role as a curator very seriously, on behalf of the integrity of our store, the brands we carry, and those who trust us to build themselves through our goods. A-Priori represents a new chapter in Omaha's fashion landscape, delivered at a level of curation and quality never seen in Omaha, on par with the top global fashion destinations.

We believe in the transformative power of fashion. It not only reshapes the wearer but also the very environments they engage with. This personal transformation promotes self-evolution and the growth of our city.

Our mission is to serve as a trusted guide for individuals who seek continuous growth and evolution through objects. We are more than a store; we are a conduit for personal development.