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Blue Blue Japan

Woven Tight Twisted Linen SS Shirt

Woven Tight Twisted Linen SS Shirt

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Impressive linen shirt with tucks and a wide yoke on both the front and back sides. Linen yarn requires moisture when twisted. The yarn is made using a method called water twisting, in which more moisture is added and the yarn is twisted more strongly than usual, and this causes the characteristic fine wrinkles that appear on the surface. It has elasticity and firmness, which creates a silhouette with just the right amount of distance from the body when worn. This material is perfect for wearing on hot summer days. The width of the shirt body is generous, and creates a silhouette that wraps around the body. The sleeve width features a compact design that creates a beautiful line against the volume of the body when worn. The surface is wrinkled, dry to the touch, and cool to wear.

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