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Blue Blue Japan

Woven Indigo Linen Patchwork Jacket

Woven Indigo Linen Patchwork Jacket

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A blazer-type jacket made by layering and hand-embroidering indigo fabrics with various expressions on top of indigo-dyed linen fabric.
This thin linen fabric is piece-dyed with indigo and has a unique luster. After years of use, the indigo on the surface will begin to rub off and the appearance will change to a slightly matte look. Enjoy the various changes in the blue hues of the indigo cotton fabric appliqué over time.
This jacket features an authentic-looking silhouette that has a moderately fitted design. The width of the lapels is narrowed to create a sharp-looking impression. The jacket is made in a single layer with no lining for a lightweight and comfortable fit when worn. The wide front facing is designed for the addition of an inside pocket. With its hand-stitched white and blue threads that look great on indigo, we recommend wearing this patchwork jacket in summer.

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