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Woven Nylon Taffeta Shorts

Woven Nylon Taffeta Shorts

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Short pants with a focus on a festival wear look. The waist has elastic and string, giving these shorts a sporty image like training shorts.
This taffeta is woven using recycled nylon for both the warp and weft yarns. The colors of the warp and weft yarns are different, which creates a chambray-like effect and adds depth to the color. Taffeta is characterized by its high density, tensile strength, and above all, its light weight. The unique quality of nylon taffeta is that it is light enough to catch the wind even with plenty of tucks. It is also wrinkle-resistant, so it is recommended for everyday use.
The silhouette of these shorts is designed to create a rounded silhouette when worn. The short length makes them look neat. We created slits in the hems that allow for a wider range of motion by adding seam joints in the front and back.

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