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Blue Blue Japan

Organic Cotton High Gauge Slub SS Tee

Organic Cotton High Gauge Slub SS Tee

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A BLUE BLUE JAPAN standard T-shirt created with the concept of a basic T-shirt that you will want to wear every day. Made using Shankar cotton which is harvested in Gujarat, India. This is 27mm - 28mm long-staple cotton and features the oily and glossy texture so it is known as the classic of organic cotton. The yarn is made by compact spinning process so that this yarn is finished not only durable but also being beautiful and smooth texture. This Shankar organic cotton is a new eco-friendly material with GOTS certification, that can be traced back from the farming to the spinning. Using yarn that is twisted using a method that produces the least amount of fluff, it features a silky luster and is smooth and quite oily to the touch. The material has a firm texture because it is knitted at the high density. By aligning and knitting the yarns instead of using two-ply yarns, the stitching appears three-dimensional even though it has a plain stitch material structure, and this gives it a high-grade feel that is different from ordinary plain stitch materials. This T-shirt has just the right amount of room around the shoulders and armholes. A simple T-shirt with a loose-fitting width and a boxy silhouette.

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